My dog ALWAYS pulls on his leash! How can I train him not to?

So, you’ve decided to take the dog on a leisurely afternoon stroll around the neighbourhood—relaxing, right? Not for much longer, because Charlie’s decided to take you on a walk of his own, pulling SO hard on his leash that you're stumbling over the pavement, praying that no one's around to see your awkward little sidewalk dance. The team at Stylish Hound know precisely what you're going through, so we've put together some tips for anyone wondering how to teach their dog to not pull on their leash.

Have you tried a front leading harness?

A no-pull harness is a wonderful investment for dog owners who are attempting to leash train their dogs. When our four-legged friends get overly excited or even anxious during a walk, one of their first instincts is to run forward quickly. If your dog isn’t wearing a properly fitted harness, the pulling can exert pressure onto your dog’s neck and cause pain or even breathing difficulties.

When you fit your dog with a no-pull harness, very light pressure is applied on the dog's chest to assist them in turning into you and following your lead. These harnesses put zero pressure on your dog's airways, meaning your pup will enjoy easy breathing and a full range of shoulder movement. These are easily the BEST dog harnesses on the market to stop pulling.

Learn How To Leash Train Your Dog

Whether you consider yourself a beginner or advanced dog walker, our easy training exercises offer easy solutions to leash train your dog and stop those pesky games of tug-of-war on the street.


Before you begin your walk, make sure you and your pooch are both comfortable! Decide whether you want your dog walking to the left or right side of you, and adjust your leash to your desired length for a relaxed or controlled hold.


Minimise distraction! Your dog may have difficulty focusing on your training if old mate Kenny from next door is firing up the lawnmower. A quiet, secluded area will set you up for success. Think about the training goals you want to achieve during this session and how you can reward and reinforce good behaviour.

Get Those Treats Ready!

The old saying goes that the way to man’s heart is through his stomach. But can the same be said for man’s best friend? Ermm… absolutely! There’s nothing our furry friends love more than a variety of different meats baked into a bone-shaped biscuit. I can't say I feel the same way; I'll stick with my party mix lollies, thanks.


Treat training dogs is an incredibly effective method for setting up criteria for good behaviour. When your dog is actioning the behaviour you wish to see from them, acknowledge it verbally (who’s a good boy?!?!) and reward them with a treat. You should repeat this process, but don’t rush it—take your time and keep training sessions short and sweet.

Figuring Out What Works For Your Dog

Ultimately, all dogs carry a very unique set of behavioural and personality traits. A technique that works well for one dog may crash and burn with another, so it’s important to remain observant of your dog’s progress and make adjustments if necessary.


Consistency is key, so don’t give up! In no time at all, you’ll be taking your dog for that leisurely walk down to the park with complete ease.

Shop Stylish Hound Dog Accessories

If you want to get started with these tips to stop your dog from pulling on its leash, ensure you're equipped with the right tools. At Stylish Hound, we stock a wide range of dog accessories, including no-pull harnesses, halters and leashes. Shop online today; we ship worldwide!



Love this harness!


This harness really does work!

We bought this for our 10-month-old Bordoodle, Rosie, and we love it! There is a noticeable difference when she's wearing this harness and using it with the obedience leash, she's learning to heel when walking. We live near the beach so it gets wet and sandy most days, but you give it a rinse and it's dry in no time.


Dani Morris

Amazing quality and colours!


My golden retriever puppy loves her harness and lead, it’s amazing quality and extremely strong while also allowing great control when we go for walks. Could not recommend enough.


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Beautiful & practical dog accessories


Absolutely love the no-pull harness, life jacket, snuffle mat, and licki mats! The products are thoughtfully and beautifully designed, are of amazing quality and the customer service is very friendly, prompt, and reliable. Highly recommend!


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First time using this harness today and I can't believe the difference it made on our walk! Usually, my Dalmatian is way too excited on walks and pulls me everywhere! With this harness and the multi-leash, she was like a different dog. Can't thank you enough! Looking forward to calmer walks from now on!


Stefanie Moss

So happy I bought this harness


Anyone who owns a beagle can relate to feeling like their arm is being pulled off while they sniff the world around them. This harness has changed everything! It’s like your dog is weightless and to my shock, we even get some slack lead now which has never happened before 😂

So happy I purchased this harness - it’s a game changer! My little pal doesn’t seem bothered to put it on either which is great 😊 I’ve already recommended this to a few friends who have pulling issues with their pups! Genuinely so happy I made this purchase!


Vicky Deresa

The only leash brand I’ll ever buy.


So my darling pooch is a rescue (and my first dog!), needless to say, we learned a lot from each other. I went through lots of leashes, she chewed through lots, lots of leashes. Once I bought a harness with a front ring for no pulling; we were both in love 🥰 I’ve bought SH products for some of my buddies and advertise them all the time when people ask why my dog looks so fine and walks so well!! Hehehe xoxo True story though xoxox