Pick up your dog’s messes in the kindest way possible by treating yourself to a roll or two of Stylish Hound’s Biodegradable Compostable Dog Poop Bags. These handy, durable bags are ideal for stashing in your Adventure Kit or Express Pouch for a clean and considerate outside exploration with your fluffiest friend. Caring for the world that us humans and hounds love so much should be a top priority for everyone, and our sustainable biodegradable products make that an easy part of your daily routine.

      You’ll find our range of biodegradable dog poop bags in bright and beautiful prints to make the most out of every moment with your dog, even the messy ones! We like to create accessories that make you feel that little bit closer to your hound, and these bags are the perfect finishing touch to your stylish collection. Our extra thick, globally certified bags are 100% biodegradable and compostable in 3 months. Made from corn starch + PLA + PBAT, you’ll be giving back whilst spending precious free time with your pup. Grab our seriously stylish biodegradable dog poop bags here.