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Harness and leash

Love these products! The material is so smooth and I have so much more control over my doggo! The patterns are super adorable, I cannot recommend this product and brand enough!

Great set!

Pros: there is a ring near the handle which is perfect for the poop bag holder, the handle also has padding, the colours are amazing and even better then the photos!

Con: only one, and that is that the over the top of the dog strap unfortunately can’t be adjusted which makes the part around the legs a little droopy and I have a wide pooch (English bulldog) Wouldn’t know how it would be with another breed!

None the less! This product is still a great one and I get lots of compliments on it!

Excellent Harness

Harness goes on really easily, it's not bulky on Sunny (my dog). Sunny has always been a good walker, but the no pull harness works well when he wants to run off with other dogs 😂

Fantastic speedy service

Gracie loves it!

Previously Gracie would be a bundle of nervous excitement pitting her old harness on. Same configuration, however different materials, width and make!

She now is just a ball of excitement! The lock snaps are great, we leave the front strap unlocked for quick release in case of emergency!

Will buy again!

Cheeky Charlie no more!

Thank you for your stylish product for my 10 month old Golden Retriever puppy, Charlie.
It is so much easier taking him for his walks now and is far more comfortable for him too. With all the matching accessories he often gets stopped for a pet and the occasional photo too ;) All he needs now is the matching bow tie for special occasions.

Thanks & kind regards,

Belinda & Charlie 🐾💙

Thank you Stylish Hound

I have 2 beautiful but strong british bulldogs and in particular my male who is 30kgs and like a gorilla strength is not that pleasant to go on walks with, however since buying the stylish hound harness i have more control of him and he is slowly learning!! life changer!

Flora ruff n tuff no pull harness and leash, so great!

Awesome quality harness and leash and has definitely helped with making my 10 month old golden retriever to stop pulling on walks. Will definitely be ordering more in the future! I love the design and pattern options also 😍

Great products

Very well made items.

Such a GOOD purchase!

Autumn's leash walking has dramatically improved since using the no pull harness! And now she's the most stylish doggo in town.

Amazing product

I have a border collie who has so much energy on his walks, especially when he sees other dogs through the fence and wants to play with them!! We have tried 5 different types of collars, harnesses and halties and nothing could control him! The stylish hound harness is so amazing and is the only thing that is able to control him on his walks and stops him from pulling. I didn’t think it was possible! What an AMAZING product!!

So Beautiful! 😍

Okay so I’d had trouble with walking my big boofhead just because he would constantly pull and by the end of the walk my hands and arms would be so sore! But since getting my no-pull harness he has improved sooooo much! He still kinda tries to pull but it’s more so because he just wants to smell everything 😂 the material is so soft and gentle on Buddy and not to mention the pattern makes him look soooo handsome! Every time we go to the dog park we get compliments on how nice the harness looks and every time I say how amazing Stylish Hound are and their products! 💟


I was worried about my English Mastiff puppy learning to pull on the lead, when fully gone she will be BIG and I want my kids to feel ok walking her. Since using the no pull harness we have much more control and no pulling. Plus it looks super cute.

Great Harness

This harness is brilliant. We love the front clip which is fixed so it doesn’t rub our Frenchie.

The products are fantastic as was the efficient delivery. Very happy to recommend your company.


Thank you again for another fantastic product. My fur baby gets so many compliments on his cool collar, harness and leash. We all love it! Can’t recommend the stylish hound enough. Super customer service and a great product.

super cute

my german shepherd siberian husky cross looks so adorable and stylish in it, he walks sideways with it on tho lmao

Loved but small

Very much love the swim jacket high quality and durable. The jacket was smaller then expected considering measurements off the dog and jacket were double checked. Could consider going up in size if you have a larger dog. But all round very nice.

Best harness ever!

We absolutely love our harness and leash. From the minute we put it on we had a different dog! No more pulling and walks are now a pleasure. The quality Is excellent, and there’s a great range of designs, all of which are very stylish. Shipping time to the UK was really quick. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend

Amazing harness and lead !

Worked out so well, perfect size and clours ! The measurements are very accurate and fit comfortable on my golden retriever ! He is a dog that pulls tough so this works so well when I pull back slightly ! Very comfortable on shoulders as well ! I chose size medium on my puppa

Bow tie

Lovely material and good size!


Thank you Stylish Hound for creating a very cute but very practical harness. I was looking for a harness that would fit right, easy to put on and that Hugo would love. Hugo now walks beautifully in the lead and no longer pulls at all. I definitely will be buying again in all the colours!

Beautiful Colours and Patterns

Absolutely love your products. We ordered the Emerald City no pull harness, collar and lead and they look fabulous on my staffy. Harness is great for Staffy's as they do have a tendency to pull :-)

No pull harness

I have a very fit English/Aussie bulldog and she loves pulling even when she can’t breath(walking with a collar) and the no pull harness has been working so well! But would love new/different patterns of the harness :)