Got a case of the snuffles? Stylish Hound’s incredible collection of exciting and engaging dog snuffle mats is just the thing to keep that energetic doggy entertained, whilst you’re getting on with the human stuff that life calls for. These mats are the ultimate treat for endless activity indoors. Our dog snuffle mats bring the fun to all dogs looking for a little exciting entertainment.

      Choose from a range of brightly bold and beautiful mats to find a style that fits with your fur family and your home. Each of our designs will put your hound’s natural sniffing talents to the test as they hunt for treats on their brand new pad. These mats are crafted from kind and comfortable material and have a grip pad surface to secure to your surface and avoid slipping during your hound’s hunt. Shop Stylish Hound’s snuffle mats for dogs for the perfect solo treat for your dog.