Keep your dogs entertained with a snuffle mat

      What is a snuffle mat, you ask? Snuffle mats are a great way to keep your dogs entertained all day. Hide treats in its holes, nooks and crannies and watch your dog become a sniffing machine as they hunt for that treasured treat. 

      At Stylish Hound, our snuffle mats are made from recycled fabric from waste and cutoffs, and backed with a grip bottom so it doesn’t slip and slide.

      What food do you put in a dog snuffle mat?

      Any dry treat or food works well with the snuffle mat. We recommend little bite-sized treats like liver, beef or chicken. 

      If you’re a new dog owner and training your pooch to eat their kibbles, you could start by hiding pieces of them in the snuffle mat. Because your dog will associate the snuffle feeding mat as a fun activity, it may persuade them to enjoy their meal times more. 

      Do snuffle mats help dogs with anxiety?

      If you leave your dog by itself, they may begin to have separation anxiety. Have you ever come home and discovered that your dog has chewed on objects, ripped toys or broken household objects? Those are common acts of separation anxiety. 

      A snuffle mat can help assist with anxiety by keeping them entertained and focused on a task. They may even be so distracted that they won’t even notice you’re gone! Dogs have incredible sniffing abilities. Finding a treat is an achievement for them. Achieving their goals can be a way to boost their mood and alleviate feelings of anxiety.

      For extra assistance with dogs for anxiety, consider using dog training tools.

      Do snuffle feeding mats tire dogs out?

      The snuffle mat benefits range far and wide. One of the best benefits is its an excellent calorie burner for energetic fur babies. In fact, 15 minutes of consistent sniffing uses as many calories as 1 hour of walking.
      If they still have plenty of energy to burn, put our no pull harness on and pair the activity with a short walk.