If you’re new to dog ownership, you may be surprised to learn that there are different types of dog leashes on the market. Some dogs are fine with the classic OG leash, whilst others may require leashes with additional bells and whistles. If you know your way around the Stylish Hound online shop, you’ll know that we stock three different types of dog leashes: the classic leash, the Cruise Control Obedience Leash, and the Multi-Function Leash. What are the best dog leashes, you ask? That will depend on your furry friend’s specific needs. Whilst some find our Cruise Control design to be the best dog control leash—or the best dog training leash—we say all three designs are among the best dog leashes around. Let us break it down for you as we walk you through this section of our Walk collection. Buckle in!

Classic Leash

Did your dog pass training with flying colours? If your little angel behaves like an angel, then a classic leash may be best for you. These leashes do not have fancy features, but that doesn’t mean you should skimp on quality. Tempting as it may be to buy a cheap leash, they will be a compromise on comfort, among other factors.

Stylish Hound’s classic leashes have the basics covered. Down to their metal buckles, these leashes consist of 100 percent recycled materials. Did we mention that they’re available in all sorts of funky (and also monochromatic) designs, too? Oh, yes! So, what is this leash’s point of difference? Its handle is padded and made from neoprene. This brings an element of human comfort that is streets ahead of the ‘rope burn’ feeling inherent to cheaper or nylon leashes! 


Let’s back up to the part about funky (or monochromatic) designs. All our leashes are available in 12 different designs, and you will see these aesthetics pop up across our online shop. For something colourful and funky, we recommend the High Top, Newtown, Gumball, Superfly, or Atlantis designs. For something subdued but still colourful, we have the Evergreen, Flora, On Duty, and Wild Side designs. For something on the other end of the greyscale, we have the plain black Blackout design, the star-peppered, black Jackson design,  and the Graphite design, which is like High Top if it were bleached of colour. Be it vibrant, greyscale, or somewhere in between, there’s a pattern to match everyone’s preferences. Now everyone can enjoy a more comfortable daily walk and look great doing so!

Cruise Control Obedience Leash

Our Cruise Control Obedience Leashes are great for dogs requiring that bit of extra restraint. As far as we know, there is no official definition (or official criteria) for ‘obedience leash’, but it’s safe to say that such leashes are a level up from the classic leash in terms of resilience. We don’t stock leather leashes, but you could certainly class these as ‘obedience leashes’ due to their firmer, more resilient material.

Our ‘obedience leashes’ are similar to the OG classics, but with a handy twist. At the end of the leash—just before the (100 per cent recycled metal) buckle—is a ruched elastic bungee. This elastic feature will absorb any sudden movements on your dog’s part. How does this bring benefits to your daily walk? Well, this small feature spares your arm the tension it would normally have to endure from pulling behaviours. Ergo, not only can you keep your arm intact, but you can also reclaim control of your pulling pooch. For best results, we recommend pairing your Cruise Control Obediences Leash with one of our No-Pull Harnesses. We have an impressive range of these, too.


Like its classic counterpart, Cruise Control Obedience Leashes are available in all of the designs listed earlier. Step right up and take your pick!

Multi-Function Leash

As the name suggests, Multi-Function leashes facilitate multiple functions. They also bring double the trouble, sporting double the clips of a regular leash. So, the burning question: why burn the leash at both ends, sans handle? Well, this handle-free design actually allows for a firmer hold and better-controlled angles. To see what we mean, just attach a clip to your dog’s front and the other clip to their back. Alternatively, if you have double the dogs, the Multi-Function leash allows for an all-in-one solution. Want to take two dogs in your stride? Go on: attach a dog to the end of each clip and get walking. We double-dog dare you!

Guess what could well be the best thing about our Multi-Function Leash! You can clip them onto cross-body or waist-loop attachments (part of our Adventure Kit, which you should also check out!). So you can add ‘hands-free dog walking’ to its list of multiple functions. Just imagine walking your dog with a KeepCup in each hand: you know, the important things in life. So, whether you’re seeking extra control, extra room for an extra dog, or the freedom to walk hands-free—a Multi-Function Leash may be just what the doctor ordered.




So, what are the best dog leashes? We may be biased, but we think we’ve got all your base needs covered with this section of our Walk collection. Whether you want to go back to basics, take back the reigns with your pulling dog, or invest in an option-heavy, multi-fuctional alternative—we have all the best dog leashes in the Stylish Hound online store. And with 12 eye-catching designs to choose from, what’s not to love? Invest in one of our high-quality leashes today and enjoy better quality time with your furry friend. Check out our range now!