How Much Exercise Does a Dog Need?

When it comes to the question of how much exercise a dog will need, there is a long answer and a short answer. The short answer? Dogs, as a collective, will need between half an hour to two hours of daily exercise. If you have a smaller dog, half an hour to one hour per day will suffice. Larger dogs, on the other hand, will want anywhere between one to two hours per day. 

The long answer? Your dog’s exercise needs will depend on their individual characteristics, but their two major determinants will be breed and age. If you have a Heinz dog, there will be obvious grey areas, but you should arrive at your decision based on size, more prominent breeds, and general common sense. 

Finding the right exercise routine for your dog may seem simple. However, the correct balance can be an intricate blend of variables. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through each and every one, and help you arrive at the right routine for your pup.

What happens if you don’t exercise your dog?

Sometimes life gets in the way and we can’t make the daily walk. There’s no shame in that. If this is a repeat occurrence, though, you might want to hire a dog walker or hand in your ‘dog owner’ card. Exercise is vital to canine health, and your dog’s health should be a priority. If you don’t exercise your pup, they may develop weight issues, the worst being obesity. Of course, weight-related issues open the floodgates to other medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and respiratory disease. Being overweight also puts more pressure on the joints, which can lead to issues with mobility. 

 As discussed previously, exercise is a great stress-reliever. Without opportunities to release this tension, your dog will grow anxious. They will likely express this agitation via negative behaviours such as excessive hole-digging, destructive chewing, hyperactivity, or barking for the sake of drawing attention.

What happens if you exercise your dog too much?

All that being said, don’t go too far in the other direction. There is such a thing as too much exercise and we—whether canine or any other species—need to respect our limits. If you have a new puppy, don’t go too big too fast. Remember, puppies are just babies, and their little limbs are still growing. In terms of daily exercise duration,puppies are the major exception to the rule. They’ll need only 10 minutes of exercise per day to start off with. If you exceed much more than that, you’ll risk compromising their developing joints, which can lead to early arthritis. With each new month, add five minutes to their exercise routine. They’ll eventually catch up to their big doggo counterparts!

What if you can’t put in the time?

Do you have someone you can delegate dog-walking duties to? Perhaps, if you have some spare cash, you can hire a dog walker. Otherwise, if it’s a case of not wanting to walk the whole nine yards, there are shortcuts. There are forms ofexercise for dogsbesides walking—and, as discussed earlier, you could even let your dog have a (supervised) swim sesh. Alternatively, you could walk your dog down to the dog park, let them off the lead (leash laws permitting), and watch as they clock up the time running around with other dogs. Sometimes, dog parks will have agility courses, which your dog may enjoy for both physicalandmental stimulation. All you’ll need to do is supervise! You could also play a good, old-fashioned game of fetch. This way, you can stay put whilst your dog runs to and fro, retrieving your ball or frisbee. Think of all that energy you’ll conserve whilst you attend to your furriest best friend!

Which accessories will best support your dog’s exercise regime?

You don’t need to be a dog owner to know that every dog needs a leash. In the Stylish Hound online store, our Walk collection has everything you could need for going out and about. Our store boasts three different kinds of leashes: classic, Cruise Control Obedience Leashes, and Multi-Function Leashes. Which one should you select for your doggo? Much like their exercise regime, that will depend on their requirements. 

If you have a well-behaved dog who doesn’t tend to pull, then a classic leash may fit them fine. If you want extra versatility, then perhaps the Multi-Function Leash will be more your speed. Its double clip allows you better control of your dog from all angles (it’s also great for walking hands-free—or walking two dogs at a time!). The Cruise Control Obedience Leash is for dogs who meet restraint with resistance. Its ruched elastic feature will absorb all pulling and sudden movements so you can enjoy the daily walk sans disruption! Pair this with one of our harnesses for optimal comfort and control.


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