How Can I Get My Dog to Stop Licking Me?

If you have a dog, you likely already know that sloppy kisses are part and parcel of pet parenthood. It’s a dog’s natural instinct to lick, and they may lick for a multitude of reasons. If your dog’s sloppy affection is becoming a source of irritation, there are ways we can discourage the behaviour. But first, it’s important to understand the motivation behind licking. To tackle a problem, it can help to know its cause.

1. It’s the canine equivalent of kissing!

Kissing is really odd when you think about it. When we feel affection for someone, we sometimes feel the urge our lips against their skin? This instinct is not exclusive to humans. Dogs feel it too, but the only way they can express it is through their tongues. They cannot purse their chops, and even if they tried, it wouldn’t feel affectionate on our end. Hence, a dog will lick you—because it’s the next best thing to affectionate mouthing.

2. It’s an attention-seeking strategy

You know when someone tells you to ‘use your words’? Well, unfortunately, that is not an option for dogs. Their attention-seeking strategies are limited to nonverbal vocalisations and gestures. Among these is licking, which is on par with saying, “look at me!” Because dogs are irresistible, we will generally reward their efforts with the attention they’re craving. Who wouldn’t want to acknowledge their behaviour with a pat, a treat, or affectionate words? (If you do want to stop the behaviour, though, you’ll need to change your reaction. More on that later.)

3. It’s a sneaky attempt to sample human cuisine 

When we say ‘human cuisine’, we’re not talking about food for humans. Your dog wants to sample human flesh—but not penetrate the skin! They just want to salt their palate with skin secretions. They also find your scent comforting. Combine this with the fact that licking releases stress-relieving endorphins and it’s no wonder that your dog loves to lick.

4. It’s an instinctive food request

It’s a puppy’s natural instinct to lick their mother’s face prior to meals. For some doggos, this instinct carries over into adulthood. Be mindful that, whilst humans keep their tongues contained throughout mealtimes, dogs regard tongues as tools of consumption and communication.

5. It’s associated with a dog’s ‘submissive mode’

‘Submissive mode’ is a dog’s way of surrendering control in a situation. Again, this is an instinct that barks back to puppyhood. Knowing that tongues are a communicative tool for dogs, it shouldn’t be too surprising that wild puppies indicate subordination by licking their mothers’ mouths. Dogs may lick their ‘fur mums’’ mouths to communicate similarly. Dogs can be very perceptive, so if they’re licking you, this may also be their way of diffusing a tense situation.


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