Need to get on with some human to-do list but your furry bestie just wants to play?

Hercules is your answer if you need to keep your furry bestie busy, as it can be used as a dog toy to keep them entertained whilst you get on with some human stuff. Due to its versatility, it can be used as an enrichment tool, a chew toy that can clean your dog’s teeth and gums, or even as a good old-fashioned food bowl. Due to its deep interior, you can stuff a variety of different foods- from dry treats to cooked minced and even yoghurt and fruits. The beauty of the Hercules is that it has intricate grooves on the outside so you can smear food to make activities last a lot longer. We recommend trying it out with peanut butter.

If your dog is a Hercules newbie, start with Level 1 and 2, they can work their way up to the big stuff! Always remember that any new snacks should be introduced slowly. Psst - watch out for wet fillings, they can be messy so pop a towel down. Suitable toy to entertain dogs for all ages and breeds.


Use food that will easily fall out when Hercules is moved. Don’t pack it too tight. This will set your dog up for success and not get frustrated and give up!

🐾 Tasty dog treats

🐾 Any dog-friendly fruit and veg (cut into a size that will fall out easily)

🐾 Kibble and/or dog biscuit


Smear on a thicker paste binder that will stick and that your dog loves. A little more challenging for your dog to get out of the Hercules but rewarding to keep them engaged!

🐾 Dog-friendly peanut butter, coconut oil, yoghurt, and/or cream cheese

🐾 Puréed Fruit and/or Veg

🐾 Wet dog food or raw dog mince


Once your dog has gotten the hang of the Hercules, now it's your time to layer and pack tight the Hercules with your dog’s favorite snacks!

🐾 Layer wet and dry filling: use a combination of pet mince and kibble

🐾 Mix fruit and veg to layer the Hercules. As your dog works through the Hercules, they will discover different flavours and their favourite foods hidden.

🐾 Seal the Hercules with cream cheese, peanut butter, coconut oil

🐾 Smear coconut oil on the groove (to help your dog with a cleaner mouth/ mouth hygiene as they chow down)


🐾 Choose any of the levels

🐾 Use different food to layer your Hercules stuffing and give texture.

🐾 Freeze to create a summer ice Hercule to keep cool and a longer-lasting enrichment toy!