What is crate training?

Crate training is the process of teaching your dog to settle comfortably in a small enclosure or ‘crate’ for a given period of time. Some dog owners have the impression that a crate operates as prison, however, that couldn’t be far away from the truth! Being in a crate can actually be comforting for your dog, especially when it needs an enclosed space of its own to feel safe and secure. 

So what exactly is crate training? Simply put, crate training is the process of familiarising your dog with a small enclosure where they may spend time alone, sleep or spend time when travelling. This taps on natural instincts inherited from its ancestors to seek out ‘dens’ to hide or rest. A crate trained dog doesn’t just mean an obedient dog, it also means you get to maintain your sanity especially if you need to leave your dog alone at home, or if you must bring it on long car rides. 

If crate training is done properly, your furry companion will even enjoy being in its crate for the entire span of its life.

Why is crate training important? what are some of the benefits?

Crate training is an important management tool that teaches your dog obedience, and also has the added benefit of creating a haven for them. There is a myriad of benefits of crate training and having a crate trained dog. Here are some of them: 

It gives your dog a place of their own to go and get some peace and quiet, especially during chaotic situations (think Christmas, birthday, and Halloween parties at home or just getting the kids organised on a school day!)

② It helps prevent anxiety and destructive behaviours- such as furniture chewing, unwanted barking and other incidents when you are out of the house.

③ It is useful in situations your puppy may encounter in its life- the introduction of a new baby to the family, post-surgery healing or even for transportation in flights or long car rides.

Now we already know that we can in fact teach an old dog new tricks and since crate training benefits them as well, not just puppies, crate training may be the most worthwhile investment for you!